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**********Compatibility Alerts***********

Kmax 11.0 and later versions are not compatible with Java version 1.8 and below.

Kmax 11.x requires JDK 14.0 or above.  It also requires that JavaFX 14.0 or above also be installed on the host computer.

Versions of Kmax prior to 11.0 cannot open version 11 toolsheets.

Kmax 11.0 can open toolsheets saved by earlier versions of Kmax, but earlier versions cannot open toolsheets saved by Kmax 11.x.


Kmax 10

Kmax version 11 is the latest release of the Kmax family of data acquisition and data analysis application software. It updates the Kmax environment to be compatible with the latest releases of the Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. Kmax 11 requires the Java JDK version 14 (or above), JavaFX SDK version 14 (or above) and a 64-bit operating system.

 Kmax Toolsheet