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Posted on August 6th, 2013


*****Kmax Compatibility Alerts*****

Kmax 10.0 and earlier versions are not compatible with Java 1.8 and above 

The java class version has been changed in Java 1.8.  If you are running Java version 1.8 or above you must run Kmax 10.1 or above.

Kmax 10.0 users may download the new version from the downloads page.

Kmax 10.2 is currently available for download.

Kmax 10.2 has been updated for the latest Java JDK (1.8), the latest operating systems, and the latest 64-bit platforms including Fedora 23, Windows 10, and Mac OS X 10.11.  Support is included for a new class of CAMAC controllers which uses the popular USB interface to connect to laptop and desktop computers.  New drivers are included in the distribution package for W-IE-NE-R’s  CC-USB and CMCAMAC’s CMC-100 FASTCAMAC controllers.  Read more….

Kmax now supports the CC-USB CAMAC Crate Controller and VM-USB VME Controller with USB2 interfaces from W-IE-NE-R


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