System Integration

kmaxexample1SPARROW provides design and integration services for CAMAC, VME, VXI and other modular instrumentation systems. Our software and system engineers work with a client to develop appropriate system requirements and component specifications. SPARROW “system integration team” is formed to specify, order, inspect, assemble, and deliver the complete system. The team acquires or builds all the special interfaces and cables required to interface the system to the host computer. It also designs and develops the software to test subsystems and the final system acceptance tests. When the system is fully integrated at SPARROW, it is delivered to the customer as, a ready-to-run turnkey system. SPARROW also provides on site integration and training to insure that the client can operate and maintain the system and system components. SPARROW integration services can be provided on a subsystem basis for clients who wish to do some or most of the system integration themselves. Contact SPARROW to discuss your system requirements.