Kmax11 (ver. 11)

Kmax11 is a complete environment for data acquisition and instrument control with advanced features for data management, visualization, and reporting. Kmax11 is a self-consistent, fully integrated application, inter-operating with native OS’s and other compatible application programs. Kmax11 is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers.  Kmax11 supports single- and dual-parameter data displays, provides a variety of formatting options and allows the user to configure control panels directly on the computer. With its 3D-view support, ability to import and export data, and high-level support for the CAMAC, VME, GPIB and VXI instrumentation, Kmax11 is well suited for scientific and engineering computations and data analysis. The core environment may be expanded by adding user defined controls, external commands and external functions, or it may be extended to custom hardware environments by installing user-defined Module Description Resources and low-level drivers.

Kmax11 Screenshots

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Kmax11 (ver. 11.0)

Kmax11 (ver. 11.0) is the latest release of the Kmax data acquisition and data analysis application software. 

It is a complete rewrite of the GUI, removing the Swing classes and adopting the JavaFX libraries. Kmax11 updates the Kmax application to be compatible with the latest releases of 64-bit Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems.  It adds many new features, reimplements 3D histogram views, updates the developer examples, rebuilds the CAMAC and VME driver extensions and the toolsheet examples.

Kmax11 provides a number of other important updates including : Compatibility with Windows 10, Linux Fedora 30, and Mac OSX 10.15. USB drivers have been updated to the latest hardware and firmware versions.  This includes new drivers fo the WCCUSB CAMAC controller and the WVMUSB VME controller.

Kmax11 also provides improved data acquisition, toolsheet examples, and performance enhancements

Kmax11 (11.0_b24) requires : Java JDK version 14, or above; JavaFX version 14, or above; Mac OS X 10.15 or above; Windows10 or above; Linux Fedora 30 or above (other Linux flavors may also work).  Operating systems must be 64-bit.

Kmax11 (Build 24, July 3, 2020)