Kmax 8

Notice: This version is provided as a convenience for our customers. It is no longer supported and may not run on current operating systems.

Download Kmax 8 (Deprecated) for Windows, Mac OS X, and i86 Linux

*Last upload July, 2006

To learn more about this release, read the README file first.

Download a Demonstration of the Kmax Application:

The Kmax download available on this page contains the full Kmax application with a default demonstration license. The demonstration license contains the same example instruments and sample histogram files available with a full license. You may also request a time-limited, evaluation license by contacting Sparrow.

Download an Upgrade of Kmax:

To upgrade your Kmax license, Download the new version from this page and install by following the instructions provided. If you are upgrading to a version with the same major version number you will NOT need a new license password.

Download Kmax 8.2.2 Here (approx. 13 Mbyte).

NOTE: No support for Command Sequence Language (CSL):

The Kmax8 download available on this page does not support CSL.  Toolsheets that use CSL must be ported to Java in order to use them with Kmax8.

NOTE: A new Driver Interface is implemented:

Kmax8 version 8.x implements a new driver interface.  Kmax drivers developed for earlier version of Kmax (7.x and lower) will not work with Kmax8.  New drivers are provided with the Kmax8 distribution for supported hardware.

NOTE: Kmax 8.2.2 requires the 1.5.x Java SDK (J2SE 5.0).

Important Note: In order to use Kmax on Windows or Linux you will need to download and install the Java SDK from the SUN site (this step is not necessary on Macintosh platforms).

Installing on a Microsoft Windows computer:

To use Kmax 8.x on a Windows system you must be running an XP operating system.  It may also run on other versions of the Windows OS, but has not been fully tested.

Before you install Kmax 8.x, you need to make sure you have a java 1.5.0 (J2SE 5.0) runtime environment (JRE) installed. You can download a free JRE from SUN Microsystems at the following URL: .

In order to extract the Kmax 8.x archive you will need an extractor that can handle zip files.  You can get the shareware version of WinZip® at: Use your extractor to extract the files from the Kmax file into a directory on your computer.

Installing on a Macintosh OS X computer

In order to run Kmax 8.x you should be running MacOS X 10.4.7.  Extract the archive into your HOME directory. To run Kmax8, from the Finder go to the Kmax directory that was installed and double-click the Kmax8 Application.

Installing on an Intel Linux computer:

Before you install Kmax 8.x, you need to first make sure you have a java 1.5.0 SDK (J2SE 5.0) installed. You can download a free SDK from SUN Microsystems at the following URL:

Extract the Kmax archive to a convenient directory. Then cd into the Kmax directory that was created. To run Kmax, execute the command: java -jar Kmax8.jar.