Developer Resources


*Last upload Dec 4, 2020

WCCUSB_DRV_10 is a legacy build of the WCCUSB Kmax driver supporting the WIENER CAMAC Controller Module. The driver is rebuilt and tested for Kmax version 10.2.


*Last upload July 7, 2020

HelloLIBUSB is a command-line utility that can be used to validate libusb 1.0 installation and to test the connection to an external USB device.

Download the HelloLIBUSB zip file and expand the archive. Open a command-line tool and cd into the folder corresponding to the OS you are using.
Execute the HelloLIBUSB program from the command line using:

userPrompt$ ./HelloLIBUSB

You should see a listing of all usb devices attached to the computer.



*Last upload July 7, 2020

WxxUSB_DRVS_11 is a legacy build of the WxxUSB Kmax drivers supporting the WIENER CAMAC and VME Controller Modules. The drivers are built and tested for Kmax version 11.0.  These drivers should not be used with Kmax version 11.1 and above.