About Our Company

Sparrow Corporation is a female-owned, small business that provides data acquisition and instrument control software and hardware products and services to the research, industry, and university communities.

Custom services include system design, development and integration and software development on Macintosh, Windows, and Linux based platforms.

Sparrow was founded in December 1984 by a group of professionals who brought with them a broad range of expertise in the development and support of high-quality data acquisition and process control systems. This expertise was obtained through many years of experience in industry, government, the national laboratories, and the university communities. Since 1984, Sparrow products and services have become trusted commodities throughout the world, setting the standard for quality and value.

The principles upon which Sparrow is founded:

  • To provide the highest quality software and hardware products and integration and related services to scientists, educators and engineers.
  • To provide first-rate customer support for these products and services.
  • To provide industry leadership in developing the techniques, products, and standards which will help make the US a world technology leader in the 21st century.

It is increasingly important to understand the motivations, plans, and financial resources of companies with which you do business.  Sparrow is a privately held Florida corporation, funded exclusively by the sale of retail products and services. Sparrow corporate offices are located in Port Orange, FL where all software products are designed and developed. Some peripherals for integrated systems are also manufactured at the Florida facilities.  Sparrow currently has no long term debt and no major outstanding contractual obligations or liabilities. This enables Sparrow to operate with independence and confidence in an environment of uncertainty produced by the current state of bankruptcies, takeovers, mergers and buy-outs. Such independence also gives us the latitude to support, without bias, high quality products from many other vendors and to provide new products and services when we feel it will be valuable to our customers. Keeping in touch with the needs and concerns of the community has always been and will remain vital to our product development strategy.

You may know some of our customers. To view a partial list of our customers click here.